Recognition by Health Funds – 15 Sep 2013

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Most funds grant automatic provider registration for homœopathic practitioners registered with AROH.  You should contact individually, any fund not listed above, for which you require provider status.

Unless indicated, the fund will use your AROH registration number as your provider number.

Please note that in accordance with Private Health Insurance legislation, AROH is required to remove you from the monthly returns sent to the Health Funds, if:-

- Your registration with AROH lapses or you take Leave of Absence
- You do not send AROH a copy of your professional insurance when it is renewed
- You do not send AROH a copy of your 1st aid certificate when it is renewed
- Your CPD is not up to date

Registrants, who are removed from the health fund listings for any of the above reasons, may not qualify for reinstatement of their provider status with some funds.              

Many health funds regularly change their rules for provider recognition. Please take this into account when relying on the currency of this document. In most cases where a patient’s rebate is declined by the health fund, the error has occurred with the counter staff at the fund. In these cases, it is best to point out that the practitioner is registered with AROH, and that the fund receives monthly updates from AROH. Rebates paid will be dependent on the patient’s individual level of coverage for homœopathy.

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