• 12-Dec-2014 09:27 | Cathy Nolan (Administrator)

    AROH is please to inform you about the Training Package Advisory Committee (TPAC) decision on the removal of the advanced diploma of homoeopathy from any future training packages. This decision was handed down last Friday.

    The implications

    The teach-out period commences in December 2015, and until then colleges can still accept intakes of students. The teach-out period is yet to be determined. From the end of the teach-out period you will need a degree to register with AROH and it’s member homoeopathic associations: AHA, AAPH and HERA.

    What this means for you as a current registrant

    This decision does not affect your registration status, however you must:

    • Re-register each year (or apply for leave of absence for up to 3 years)

    • Keep your CPD point up to date

    • Keep your first aid certificate up to date

    • Keep your indemnity insurance up to date

    If you continue to do the above your registration will remain current.

    If you chose to upgrade to a degree qualification in homoeopathy then let AROH know.

    Remember Paramount College in WA is currently offering a degree update course.

  • 08-Jun-2014 13:18 | Cathy Nolan (Administrator)
    Final response to NHMRC draft information paper on homoeopathy.

  • 27-May-2013 11:04 | Cathy Nolan (Administrator)

    The Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance (PHI) for Natural Therapies review.

    The Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing (DHA ) informed us of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) review on 26th November 2012, and gave us a short time to produce a submission that covered the underpinning evidence base of clinical efficacy, cost effectiveness, safety and quality of homœopathy, so that homœopathy could remain as a rebate-able service with the PHI funds. This Submission request came after the NHMRC had already set up a working committee; the Homœopathy Working Committee (HWC), which will inform the Natural Therapies Review Advisory Committee (NTRAC) about homœopathy.

    To put a very complicated situation into a nutshell it seemed that homœopathy was targeted for special review/treatment, in what looks like a very concerted effort to remove homœopathy from rebate-able PHI fund status.  This was on top of the fact that the NHMRC has said that homœopathy was ‘unethical’ in a leaked draft document in 2011, which they had to retract. Nevertheless, the NHMRC Review’s special treatment of homœopathy seemed to indicate a prejudgement on the fate of homœopathic PHI rebates in Australia that would affect your income and your client’s ability to claim rebates on homœopathic services.  

    We have been working very hard to produce a submission for presentation to the NHMRC to show that homœopathy is not only cost effective and safe but also has a long history of clinical efficacy based on research and evidence.

    On the 1st of May AROH was given the opportunity to present the case for homoeopathy to the NHMRC. The presentation took place in Canberra and was attended by Snehi Jarvis (President of AROH) and Ana Lamaro (on behalf of the AHA).

    Full copies of the submission can be downloaded below:

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